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Now that you've finally met him, keep him interested and in love with you.

Hello, my name is Marie Simone... welcome to my site!

I am writing a book to help girls who want to make their relationship with their wonderful boyfriend last forever. To assist me, I am asking generous girls (and women) to reveal how they have kept true love alive with their boyfriend/manfriend. I am hoping that this information as well as additional research will provide girls (and women) who are feeling nervous and insecure in their relationship with enough knowledge and confidence to sustain true love. Why should anyone miss out on the best things in life such as love, security and romance!

The below survey is completely confidential and anonymous. There is no way that I can indentify individuals as the email address is optional and the name can be anything you want it to be, for instance, 'Ms X'. The only thing that I will see is your service provider's IP address (e.g. which is meaningless to me.

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1. Ficticious name:


2. What is your age bracket? 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-40 41-100


3.How many years have you been with your boyfriend/partner? 1 2-5 6-10 11-15 more


4. What characteristics best describe you? (Check all the applicable boxes.)

Happy Confident Serious Emotional Spontaneous Self conscious Passionate

Reserved Easy going Shy Creative Practical Trust worthy Loving Affectionate

Generous Friendly Forgiving Humorous Financially secure Flirty


5. What characteristics best describe your boyfriend/partner? (Check all the applicable boxes.)

Happy Confident Serious Emotional Spontaneous Self conscious Passionate

Reserved Easy going Shy Creative Practical Trust worthy Loving Affectionate

Generous Friendly Forgiving Humorous Financially secure Flirty


6. Do you feel that you know yourself well and are aware of your good points and bad
points? Please explain.


7. How would you rate your appearance and appeal to the opposite sex?

Extremely attractive Very attractive Moderately attractive Average Ugly



8. How do you look after your appearance? (Check all the applicable boxes.)

Exercise regularly Exercise ocassionally Maintain a healthy diet Keep hair looking good

Wear clean, flattering clothes Use good skin care products Keep nails clean and buffed



9. Do you still put as much effort into looking after your appearance as before you met
your boyfriend, or do you make even more of an effort?


10.Do you deliberately wear clothes that he likes, or do you dress to suit yourself or your friends?




11. Do you go out of your way to do things he likes, such as wear his favourite perfume?


12. Do you make sure he knows you are still deeply interested in him? How


13. If you are out with him and there are other attractive guys around, do you give him your undivided attention or are you inclined to flirt


14. Does your boyfriend ever feel jealous or worried



15. How does trust figure in your relationship? Do you question him about time spent away from you?



16. Do you make sure he feels special? How?




17. Have you developed common interests and/or have you become involved with
one or more of his interests?


18. Do you have other interests apart from what you do with your boyfriend?


19. Do you pay your way when you go out for dinner and away for holidays etc?
Or do you expect him to always pay?


20. Do you find his jokes funny?



21. Have you had any major arguments with your boyfriend that you've had to sort out? How have you sorted out these arguments?



22. Can you and your boyfriend talk for hours and/or can you be also comfortably silent
Please explain.


23. Do you consider him to be your best friend?
Please explain.


24. Can you be your real self with your boyfriend, e.g. not watch your words and not play any games?



25. What does he like and appreciate the most about you?



26. Do you feel that you and your boyfriend are very alike, or do you have some intriguing differences?


27. Are you open and honest with him even if it is to tell him about something you don't
like, e.g. bad breath?


28. Has there ever been a time when you've felt that things have become stale or boring for you both? What did you do to overcome this?



29. If your boyfriend tells you about a problem, do you support him 100% or do you tend to
challenge his actions and decisions?


30. Do you and your boyfriend still have a sense of your own individual identities? If so, have you done anything to assist this?



31. Do you regularly spend time with friends without your boyfriend?


32. Do you allow one another your own space?


33. How often do you call him during the day or week? Is this something you are both comfortable with?


34. Have you ever broken up and then got back together again? How did you resolve the
issues that made you breakup?


35. What is your opinion/attitude towards guys? Do you feel they are a different species from yourself? Or do you think they are just another human being only different?

36. Do you think you are easy to please or are you 'high maintenance'?


37. Do you let your boyfriend know how he can keep you happy? How have you let him know?


Do you think you could survive without your boyfriend?


39. Have you tried to change your boyfriend in any way? If so, have you succeeded?


40. Do you do nice things for your boyfriend without him doing nice things for you first?


41. How important is laughter and joking in your relationship?


42. Does your boyfriend know everything about you or have you kept some secrets?


43. Have you changed anything about yourself to keep your boyfriend? Have you been able to maintain this change?


44. If you want him to do something for you, how do you get him to do it? Do you nag him?



45. How physically affectionate are you? Is your boyfriend happy with this?



46. Do you still have sex as often as when you first met or a bit less?



47. How do you help keep the passion alive in your relationship?



48. Are there any sexual tricks or new things that you have tried in the bedroom that has
kept him interested?


49. Finally, do you have any advice for other girls/women or comments you would like to add?


If you wish to receive an email when the book is written, type your email here. Please use a yahoo or gmail account (e.g. if you do not want to be identified.




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